What hypopressives are?

The first hypopressive techniques were created in 1980 by Marcel Caufriez under the name of diaphragmatic aspiration. The first course of hypopressive techniques was performed for physiotherapists in 1990.

The adaptation of these techniques in the world of Fitness and Wellness was carried out in 2007 due to the demonstrated inefficiency and danger of the abdominal exercises that were performed. Increases in intra-abdominal pressure caused by conventional abdominal exercises deprogram the resting tone of the abdominal girdle and the pelvic floor..

It is essential to reprogram the abdominal band and the perineum. This musculature must be able to activate involuntarily and reflexively (type I muscle fibers, responsible for resting tone). Hypopressive techniques are the only ones that have been scientifically proven effective in functional systemic reprogramming..

Hypopressive gymnastics is a set of rhythmic postural exercises that allow the integration (vestibular-cerebellar center) and memorization (synaesthetic cortex) of sensitive or sensorial proprioceptive messages associated with a particular postural placement..

Hypopressive techniques are postural techniques, on the one hand they are based on the maintenance of a certain posture for a certain time, and on the other hand, they modify posture in general..

The decrease in abdominal and intra-thoracic pressure caused by the hypopressives is due to a tonic relaxation of the thoracic diaphragm. The decrease in intra-abdominal pressure causes a reflex activation of the pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle (activation of the type I fibers).

Type I muscle fibers have mainly postural function and respiratory function is attributed to type II fibers.


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