Studio space for rent

Sala pequeña
Urvashi Yoga Studio provides a peaceful environment that naturally inspires deeper connection to the yoga practice and meditation.
The studio has parquet flooring, heating and air conditioning, ensuring everyone’s comfort and well being, no matter what the season.
We have mats, chairs, wooden blocks, belts, cushions, blankets, etc. — basically all the facilities and everything.
The studio is available for hire for peaceful activities only (soft music is permitted). The studio is ideal for sessions dedicated to reiki, massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, psychology, yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, meditation, personal therapies, workshops, meetings, lectures, private classes etc. Any peaceful activity which respects the harmony of the venue can be considered.
The Zen Hall (large studio) has parquet flooring which normally requires removing shoes when entering; however, exceptions can be made if the hall is booked for a business meeting or other activity which requires guests to keep their shoes on.
The hall is only available for rental during the day.
  • Small room for individual therapy 13€/hour (más de 2h/12€).
  • Large room single hours 30€/h (From 4h 25€)
  • Saturday or Sunday 180€.
  • Saturday full day to Sunday noon 200€
  • Full weekend Saturday and Sunday 295€.

For availability contact, please contact 603 76 58 64

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